About Oude Waenhuis

The Property

Oude Pastorie (The Old Parsonage) was built in 1847 and became the Parsonage in 1860.  The property consists of the Victorian Main House (Oude Pastorie), Oude Waenhuis (the Old Wagon House), beautiful gardens and the swimming pool, built to resemble a farm dam with a windmill to finish the design. And then we also have our wonderful little “Forest” – a perfect canopy of trees to enjoy the shade in the hot summer Karoo.

Oude Waenhuis – (Old Wagon House)

The Oude Waenhuis was used to store the Dominee’s (Reverant’s) Oxwagon and then on Sundays, after removing his Oxwagon, it hosed the church service for the coloured community.  The Oude Waenhuis’ style of décor is colonial with mostly antique furniture dating to the 1800’s, both Africana and French.  It also includes a kitchenette, lounge and patio.


The gardens are manicured with white rose bushes sectioning the different parts of the property.  The swimming pool was built to resemble the “Plaas Dam” and a Windmill was added to complete aesthetics.