Engela & Marcel | Nieu-Bethesda Wedding

It’s like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!
I really don’t know where to start with these two beautiful humans! Engela and Marcel your wedding, I literally have NO WORDS!

From those first few email exchanges, then a phone call whilst I was on my way to Namibia, which then became WhatsApp texts and soon we were sharing voice notes and of course I had to send Engela an entire minute of the ocean whilst I was walking my dogs on a perfect Plett winter’s morning. Engela & Marcel thank you for sharing the visions of your wedding day with me. I loved the way you were putting this wedding together, from the view, a “forest” in a little town called Nieu-Bethesda, about a 25 minute drive from Graaff Reniet, you wanted smoke bombs, masks, glamour guests in the middle of the Karoo, that rabbit statue, your bouquet (awesome!), how you wanted your ceremony to flow, the confetti throwing on your guests, sunset madness, your cake covered in thorns and how on earth can I forget your entrance song! DANS DANS DANS, myself and Kate were singing that song practically the entire night! I even had to youtube it! So flipping EPIC!